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What we do...

You Imagine - We Create

Semofied create fully packaged custom souvenir magnets for hotels, B&B's and guesthouses throughout the UK.

They are tailored to your accommodation to create a unique product for you to sell to your guests.

Our souvenirs generate extra revenue for your business, as well as enhance and promote your brand.

Magnet Information - Front and Back Wide

Holidaymakers love souvenirs, it allows them to take a happy memory home with them.

We specialise in creating fully packaged souvenir gifts in low volumes to It give smaller businesses the opportunity to stock there own tailored products. 

Let your customers a great memory to take away with them, promote your business, and make some extra revenue at the same time!

The style of the packaging can be changed. We have 12 standard styles of packaging. These can be adjusted to your needs, or we can create a new one to exactly match your brand.

The images and text on each magnet will be tailored to you. We have an extensive library of images and designs to create a unique product just for you.

… and remember, no technical skills are required at all. We will send you different options to refine your design, all you need to do is pick a or b or c!

Find out more by watching our explainer video below and getting your FREE SAMPLE.


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